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Registration    top...

You can...
  • register yourself to play (or just recieve club email notifications) by clicking the relevant new button below and entering your information on the form that appears.

  • update your information by selecting yourself and clicking the relevant edit button (you will need your entry password to do this).
Team rosters are currently rotated each night, and all players are responsible for helping with refereeing and setup/cleanup duties.

There are typically three seasons per polo year (fall, winter, and spring), and the polo year goes from from mid-October through early May. Club information will be communicated via email or posted on this website.

All players must join the club, pay fees, and sign a release form before they get on the water. Kayak polo is a physical, contact sport and you play at your own risk. No responsibility will be taken by the Organizers or any connected party for injury or damage to any persons or property.

Late registrations (after each round begins) will be accepted if there is room. Please see the news page for fee and schedule information

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Release Form
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Teams    top...

Players will play in teams of 6 to 7 (5 can be on the court - the others can used as subs). Rosters are rotated nightly and attempts are made to create teams of roughly even skill and experience levels for the best play.
Divisions    top...

All players currently play in one division, and team rosters are rotated nightly to ensure an even skill and experience distribution across teams.
Playing Costs    top...

For current fee information, see the news page. Fees cover insurance, equipment, and pool costs and must be paid at the beginning of each season. This provides a minimum of two games per night.

MKP works hard to keep fees low by dividing our actual costs by the number of players signed up. If you sign up, please plan to pay fees because otherwise the club gets left in a lurch with insufficient funds.

Because the club must sign a contract with the city and pay pool fees as a lump sum, fees for each round are charged to players in full at the beginning of each round. Fees can be paid via Paypal (see the news page) or by check to "MKP". Drop off fees and waiver forms at the scoring table in the pool area on the first night of each round.

Fees and release forms must be received by the club BEFORE YOU CAN PLAY!
When    top...

Play will take place on Thursday nights between 7:45 and 10:30pm. Please plan to help with set up, scorekeeping, refereeing, and cleanup. Check the latest news for the most up to date information.
Where    top...

The competition will take place at the EPIC (Eldora Pool and Ice Center), 1801 Riverside, Ft Collins, Colorado (970 221-6683). See local map. EPIC is an indoor venue with two courts...
  • Court 1 (west) - 22 by 34 meters.
  • Court 2 (east) - 15 by 25 meters.
Outside EPIC - show me...
Outside EPIC (59Kb)
In front of EPIC - show me...
In front of EPIC (62Kb)
Inside EPIC - show me...
Inside EPIC (79Kb)
Warm-up court - show me...
Warm-up court (77Kb)
Main court - show me...
Main court (66Kb)

The western pool door may not be used by kayak polo players. Enter EPIC through the main entrance and enter the pool area through the glass doors near the snack bar or through the locker rooms. The trailer containing club boats and equipment is now outside the south door of the pool.
Duties    top...

The club is responsible for setup and cleanup of the pool, as well as all of the details involved in running the competition. If everyone pitches in, the nights run quickly and smoothly. Teams will be assigned duties such as refereeing, scorekeeping, setup, and cleanup with the weekly draw. Team managers are responsible for ensuring that team duties are performed. In addition to team duties, everyone should plan to pitch in whenever necessary to make things run smoothly.


A team will be appointed to table duty for each game. The team on table is responsible for keeping the games running on schedule and keeping score.
  • Two people are needed to staff the table!
  • Set up a table on the southern side of the pool between the two courts.
  • Set up the timing and scoring stuff.
  • Sound the buzzer for the start and end of each period - the times are written on the score sheet (this is the signal to the referees that they should start or end the period).
  • Record the scores for both games on the score sheet.
  • Dismantle the table and put the gear away.
  • Bring the club boats and gear in from the trailer on the south side of the pool. All gear must be clean. If boats must be rinsed, ask the pool staff for assistance with a hose. Note: Only polo boats are allowed in polo games for safety reasons. If you require an exception to this rule, talk to a polo committee member.
  • Pull in the lanes to the sides of the pool. Don't do this until the lane is clear of swimmers (check with the swim coaches if you think you can do this early). Ratchet handles are on the windowsill in the control room.
  • Move the deep end bulkhead beam to the end of the pool. Drag ropes and wrenches are in the cabinet inside the store room door. If you're unsure how to move the bulkhead, ask someone on the committee. Most important part - move both ends evenly, otherwise it will jam as it twists.
  • Lower the goals and nets (to the bottom clip position).
  • Take down the flag lines (we must be very careful not to damage these). Ratchet handles are on the windowsill in the control room.

Each night a team will be assigned to cleanup duty. The cleanup team is responsible for getting the pool area back how we found it very quickly. Other folks should plan to help out with this whenever possible The more help the cleanup team has, the faster it goes.
  • Move the deep end bulkhead beam back into position. Drag ropes and wrenches are in the cabinet inside the store room door. If you're unsure how to move the bulkhead, ask someone on the committee. Most important part - move both ends evenly, otherwise it will jam as it twists.
  • Raise the goals and nets (to the upper clip position). The nets should be thrown into the goal frames (use on of the clips to close the ball release hole so the net doesn't fall out). Make sure the ropes are coiled and tied up above arms reach (from the pool deck).
  • Set up the lanes (use the last teams on the water to drag them from end to end). Ratchet handles are on the windowsill in the control room.
  • Reset the flag lines (we must be very careful not to damage these). Ratchet handles are on the windowsill in the control room.
  • Put club boats and other gear into the trailer outside the south door of the pool area.
  • Do a sweep of the pool for trash, leaves, etc (do a real good job of this, please).

One team will be allocated refereeing duties for each court.
  • The refereeing team is to provide two referees for the game.
  • The table will sound a buzzer for the beginning and end of each period. Referees should start the period as soon after the buzzer as possible. They should end each period at the sound of the buzzer.
  • The table will keep track of the score. Referees should indicate each score to the table.
Initially not all teams will possess the skills and knowledge to do some of the duties (refereeing training will periodically be provided). Night Managers

One person from the committee will be assigned to manage the nights for each round. This person is responsible for ensuring that the pool is set up and cleaned up properly as well as ensuring that games run smoothly and in a timely fashion.

Making sure that the pool is looked after is imperative - otherwise we won't be playing there very long!

PLEASE NOTE: We must be completly out of the pool half an hour after games end, other wise we will incur a $25 penalty for EVERY 5 minutes after that! Please cleanup, and change quickly - leave the post-game to the bar...

Thanks for your help with running the league!

Gear    top...

All players must use a kayak polo boat, a kayak polo paddle, and a helmet with a facemask for safety reasons. These are typically different from whitewater paddling equipment. If you are not sure about the acceptability of your equipment, talk to a committee member. If you do not have your own polo equipment, you can use MKP club boats, paddles, and helmets. Keep in mind that club gear is used by many people. Plan to share, and be aware that club gear may not be maintained as well as your personal gear may be. Please plan to help with maintenance of the club gear if you use club gear. MKP provides numbered PFDs for game play for everyone. You must provide your own spray skirt.
  • All equipment that you bring into the pool MUST be totally clean.
MKP club gear includes:
  • 18 plastic Polo kayaks -- Club boats are generally marked with a number or letter. These will be available for general use on Polo nights free of charge. Please make sure you're not pinching a private boat when you go to grab one!
  • 20 helmets with facemasks. All players are required to wear a facemask! .
  • 31 reversible pfd's in a variety of sizes.
  • 15 plastic polo paddles Thin-bladed whitewater paddles with taped up edges are not allowed!

Safety    top...

The nature of the rules of the game make canoe polo an inherently safe sport. The following are for your protection, and are required by the rules:
  • Paddle blades less than 5mm thick are not allowed!
  • The front of all kayaks must be padded with at least 1.5 inches of soft foam (or similar material). Polo boats will have this padding and it must be in good condition. If you have special permission from the committee to use a non-polo boat, padding must be glued/taped on really well, otherwise it will come off!

  • We also require ALL players to wear helmets with a FACEMASK. The most common injuries in Kayak Polo are caused by accidental paddles to the face - which are entirely eliminated with the use of proper facemasks.
    Bottom lines...


Refereeing    top...

Don't be shy about reffing -- we always need more! Get poolside with a whistle and start blowing. The setup at EPIC will allow us to run one referee on each side as is supposed to happen. More training for refs will be ongoing.

teams  divisions  costs  when  where  duties  gear  safety  refereeing